The Philippine Government Information (PGI) website is an independent website that is no way related to any government institutions in the Philippines or in the Philippine Government itself. As our website has suggested, we give different information and/or news about what's happening in the core governance of our country, under the present administration.

PGI was formed with aims to give information on different government institutions, news on what's happening in the country, and simply serve the country by writing up-to-date, precise, and reliable articles that people need and ought to know. We believe that by giving information about the government of our present administration, we can help our country to become more informed and aware of what's happening in the Philippines.

The time for us to look after the government has come. We believe that by using this medium, the Internet, we can give a wider scope of freedom of expression that is not limited but also, not absolute as well. Here at PGI, we give government news, information and more, which only matters to you.

The PGI Editorial Team